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Home Away For The Holidays

Will you be relaxing for the holiday? Everyone knows the holidays can be super stressful - Who's coming to dinner? Will we have enough food? I didn't know he was coming - we didn't get him a gift! Who's on a crazy diet this year?

Have you ever considered a "vacation holiday"? Have you ever considered a vacation holiday in Florida?

We understand a tropical paradise might not be the first thing you connect with Christmas. Your kids might question how Santa would get his sleigh on the roof without snow. But, a holiday in flip flops might be just the thing to ease the holiday stress and do something just a little different for a change.

Here are a few reasons to take a little holiday vacation in paradise:

1. You often do things on vacation you wouldn't otherwise - Physical activities like snorkeling, long walks on the beach and biking around Siesta Key can't be done in the snow. Uploading a picture of yourself swimming in the Gulf while your friends are shivering in minus degree temperatures is loads of fun.

2. You're making a lasting memory - You will never forget the time you swam with dolphins or sipped frozen drinks while opening gifts on a balcony overlooking the sunset.

3. You can bond with your kids - Take the family away from day to day distractions allows you to connect in new ways. Leave the Xbox at home and the suddenly your kids remember they like hanging out with you.

4. Swimming on Christmas Day - enough said.

5. Golf on Christmas Day - same as above

6. No Snow and Ice - The only shoveling you'll do is to build a sandcastle.

Our Property Management division has many properties available for the holidays or for a vacation. Leave the holiday stress at home with the snow, wind and ice. Decorate a palm tree for a change.

Beth Dilley
Beth Dilley