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Simple Style Is The New Black

There is a new fad sweeping the nation and it's not a next diet for the new year. In the age of Pinterest and renew/reuse, we are trending back to the simple times with styles that are crisp and clean, eco-friendly and offer comfortable chic. Here are a few ideas to make your home all the rage.

1. Play up a photography collection. Make your photos the focal point of the home. Clusters of black and white photos in simple frames can show your interests and family as art.

2. Vintage finds. Glass beakers as vases on the mantel, industrial work tables used as furniture, antique baskets providing storage for dog toys and leashes - these yard sale or savage shop finds make your home interesting.

3. Curtains. They soften a room and are much easier to clean and maintain than blinds.

4. Simple Color Palette. The "accent wall" rage has left the building. Soft, muted colors allow you to highlight your furniture and art work. Instead of painting one wall a brilliant color, choose a brilliant piece of artwork or sculpture.

5. Mix and match. Combining modern pieces with vintage finds will break up the flatness that comes with purchasing an entire room of matching furniture.

6. Find one pattern and stick with it. It was fun to mix polka dot chair with a paisley couch...last year. This year it's all about building a serene stage and accenting with one patterned piece.

Your home should reflect your style and passions. It should be a place of comfort, and relaxation.

Beth Dilley
Beth Dilley