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Why Haven't You Bought This House Yet?

We fall a little in love with every listing we have. Even if the property is just a simple home, we all find something unique that makes it special. Beth loves the kitchens - whether its ready to cook in or needs a complete remodel. Andy appreciates the different layouts - trying to figure out the best way to place his big screen to watch the Florida State Games. Heidi loves pet friendly neighborhoods for her Labrador, Abby - she wants to make sure there is plenty of places to go for long walks. Amanda pursues the grounds - looking at the different options for her vegetable gardens and bee hives. We all have to picture ourselves living there so we can make sure it's the right home for you.

So we ask you, why haven't you looked at 7305 Eleanor Circle yet? We've all pictured ourselves living there. Why haven't you?

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To See This House (not in order of importance):
1). Wood Floors - Gorgeous!
2). Vaulted Ceilings - Walk in the front door and BOOM!
3). Privacy - It doesn't feel like you're in a condo.
4). Attached garage
5). Fruit trees....in your backyard!
6). The Light - Huge windows welcome in the sunlight
7). Amenities - Pool, tennis...
8). The Master Bathroom - this amazing bathroom could be in a luxury home.
9). Convenient location - Close to University, the Interstate and Downtown Sarasota
10). The Walk In Closet - Imedla Marcos would be comfortable living here.

Don't judge a book by it's cover. Visit this fantastic condo and find the hidden gem behind the fa├žade.

Beth Dilley
Beth Dilley